If I Had a Staff, I Could Conquer the World...Instead, I Conquered the Dishes

I woke at 3:45am today, my mind flying with ideas and to-do's for a big project I am working on. By 4:30am, I gave up trying to breathe myself back to sleep (like I tell my kids yoga classes works "every" time) and I got up and answered and sent emails, wrote, planned, to-doed. By 7:30am, with nothing completed or finished, I did the dishes from last night (yes, there were dishes in my sink!) and went for a very long walk. My walk produced this thought: "IF I HAD A STAFF, I COULD CONQUER THE WORLD. INSTEAD, I CONQUERED THE DISHES." 
At first it was depressing and frustrating and then it became totally untrue. I chose instead to be aware of this: nothing is ever truly finished. Like the dishes. Or laundry. Or yoga class. Or parenting. It just gets to a point where its enough, I let go, and move to the next thing. As a recovering perfectionist this is a practice for me. I want everything done perfectly and done yesterday and on my timeline. HA! That has yet to happen with anything. Getting the dishes done is a win. Every time. Moving forward with a few emails, jotted to-do's, and thoughts recorded is a win, too. Taking a walk is a win. Smiling. Breathing. Getting up unwittingly and see the sunrise -- win! So yes, someday maybe I will have a staff and maybe we will accomplish a lot of fun stuff. And I am pretty sure the world will go unconquered forever for one reason: there will always be dishes.
(Yes, photo is of MY sink this morning...and I had to unload the dishwasher, too. And okay, its not really ALL the dirty dishes :)