Have a SURF day! (It's not what you think)

Tired of re-texting my 16-year-old for actual words to explain his texting acronyms, I decided to take matters into my own hands and use Google.  I got a lot of info and a headache trying to remember the shorthand language these kids today (I have always wanted to use that phrase somewhere) employ, I decided I would just make up my own texting-acronym.  Here it is: SURF:  Seriously Unimportant Ridiculous Fluff.  Let me explain.

I woke up in a non-SURF mode. I spent the first 15 minutes of my day going over all the things I have NOT accomplished, finished, completed, started, or succeeded at for my entire life.  I mean entire life.  From not allowing my pre-school teacher to hang up my artwork for parents day (I am sure an art dealer was there and I could have been discovered) to still not having finished editing a middle-grade novel I finished a draft of 5 years ago (a best-seller whose time is most certainly passed).

It was ugly. And when I finally became aware of the knot I had created in my stomach, I took a few breaths and stopped myself.  Then I had a talk with my brain:

“Hey,” I said. “NONE of this is important or serious. You are healthy, have friends and family who love you, and a kid who is healthy, happy, smart, and motivated. You have food in the fridge, a roof over your head, and more clothes than you can wear. You have done and are doing your best.  OKAY? You have been given the gift of this day, so just show up for it and keep going.”

I felt better. Then I decided I needed an acronym for the kind of day I wanted to have. One where I took nothing too seriously and just enjoyed being alive and healthy and here.  Hmmmm... and AH HA!  SURF was born. It connotes a totally cool, chill, ride-the-wave and who cares if you wipe-out attitude!”  Perfect.

So—SURF means just that: a day where you remind yourself that most everything is seriously unimportant ridiculous fluff and you can let it be. Here's how you use it:

"Hi, how are you?"  (You respond:) "I am totally SURFin'" 

"Are you nervous about your interview?" "Naw, SURF day."

"OMG Gina, my socks don't match."  "Chill Jill, that's so SURF."

So, text your kids and see what happens. (My kid texted me back "?"; and after I explained it he texted me, "That's sick mom!" ME: "Thanks, I'm totally lit." HIM: "Facts.") Wish them a SURF day (no danger in Boston of them actually taking that literally) and have one yourself. 

(Now if I could just get the emoji people to make a lacrosse emoji my kid would think I was totally lit!)