What I Know: August 2016

I know...

That when I don’t know what I want, sipping a cup of hot water clears my mind, calms my body, and opens me up to the answer.

That when I am hurting I can heal by connecting to the hurt. If I ignore it or try to push it away if grows bigger. Like a child with a skinned knee, hurt just wants to be hugged, bandaged with love, and checked on as it heals. Love your hurt like a child. It heals so much faster.

That if today I am brokenhearted, I can know I have tried, I have lived, I have loved. It is a moment to pause and appreciate the courage of my heart to have done so, and to gather the courage to do so again.

That no matter what Facebook would have us believe, most of us can count our friends on one hand and we don’t often make it to the thumb.

That we all need to PLAY!

That how you do one thing IS how you do everything. Notice how this manifests in you and in those around you and it is as a powerful compass.

That a little white lie is still a lie.

That you can not be anything you want to be – you can only be WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

That age is a number and being young is a choice.

That broken trust takes focused healing. If you feel you cannot be honest with someone in your life than be honest with yourself about why.

That anyone can choose to change at any age and that most people choose not to.

That love is as strong as the truthfulness in which it is planted. Deceit, big or small, rots love’s roots, and it weakens. If not remedied, in the slightest wind, love is carried away.

That everything is a miracle – coffee in the morning, old friends, driving a car, laughter, gel nail polish, flying above the clouds, a smile, kindness, electricity, a washing machine, the first warm day after a cold winter, a foreign language, love. Most days I am overwhelmed with the abundance of miracles around me.

That we are here to be happy. Kid’s know it. Grown-ups forget it.

That happiness comes from paying attention to who you are and what you are meant to do and staying true to both.

That success and failure do not matter. What matters is pursuing the truth inside you and manifesting it in your life’s work without attaching to the outcome.

That life is a mirror: What I see in the world and in other people is a reflection of what is in me. What others see in the world is a reflection of what is in them. I pay attention – especially when I’d rather pretend the person looking back at me is someone else!

That listening is a gift we can give any one. We all have a story, a hurt, a triumph, a failure, a fear, a passion. What fewer have is someone to listen to them share those thoughts.

That the world existed beautifully before cell phones. Trying leaving yours at home once week.

That it is utterly freeing to choose NOT to check my email.